African hair is beautiful. It is diverse, dynamic, vibrant and alive. At Asilia, we have taken time to understand African hair and want to share the joy of being au naturel. The belief that African hair is difficult to manage is nothing but a myth.

Our range of products was created to give you a complete experience that will bring out the best in your natural African hair. Our treatments are crafted to cater for your hair from scalp to tip. Your hair can be natural and thrive. It’s time for you to embrace and take pleasure in it.


If we had to declare the secret behind Asilia, it would have to be this amazing gift of nature. Shea Nilotica is the signature ingredient that we infuse in every single one of our products.

There is nothing more integral to your natural hair care regimen because with shea butter you get it all; conditioner, moisturiser, scalp treatment and hair softener.